Our church council and council liaisons are the governing body of Prince of Peace. They are responsible for policies and actions that concern the membership and community. 


Our Executive Council

Lisa Creed
  • President, Church Council
Paula Kana'an
  • Vice President, Church Council
Judson Stemaly
  • Secretary, Church Council
Don Eklov
  • Stewardship, Church Council
Carol Christianson
  • Christian Education, Council
Lee Banitt
  • Youth, Church Council
Laura Bovenkerk
  • Worship, Church Council
Nancy Pendziszewski
  • Care Team, Church Council
Jennifer Jawahir
  • Evangelism, Church Council
Gail MacNellis
  • Social Concerns, Church Council
Jeremy Zimmerman
  • Properties, Church Council
Noel Sederstrom
  • Finance, Church Council
Alex Zimmerman
  • Youth Rep, Church Council

Church Leadership

Our Church Council

The Church Council leads the congregation in stating its mission, conduct long range planning, set goals and priorities and evaluate activities in light of its mission and core values.  Serve as liaison to a standing committee of the congregation.  Serve as board of trustees of the congregation, responsible for maintaing and protecting its property and the management of its business and fiscal affairs.